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Butter Pages offers all kinds

Every type of business has different needs, that’s why BUTTER PAGES
offers all kinds of pages for us to build your perfect site with. Let us know what pages you would like or have us put your site together based on your content so you don’t have to.

• page types •

each website design contains all 10 page types and are created to work within that website’s design style. the below example links are based on butter pages’ granville website design.



Whether it’s an introduction to your site with a big beautiful picture and a welcoming message, or just a place holder while your site is under construction, a splash page is a nice way to greet your clients.

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The first page of your site introduces your services, your navigation, social media feeds, and gives a general feel as to what your company is all about.

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The first of our information page layouts. For many, the bulk of a site’s content will live within these pages with space for images, text, videos, and anything you would like to communicate. Usually each information page is limited to talking about one person or one service at a time.

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The second of our information page layouts. Serves the same purpose of an Info Page A, but with a different layout. You can use this second option to give your site’s information pages variety or to differentiate information sections within your site.

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Think of this page as a type of index of services, people, events, products, etc. This page lists a title and a snippet of information as well as an image per item, that when clicked on, take you to that item’s very own page. You can list as many or as few items as you wish to.

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This page acts as a listing of sorts, with each item’s information shown in its entirety. The page grows in length according to how much information is shown.

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If your website has a healthy amount of blog content, you may want to consider a blog feeder page. This page lists your latest posts with an image and a preview from each one. This listing of posts is automatically updated when you create a new blog post.

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Our blog pages have room for images, content, indexing, search, tagging, social media sharing, etc. They can be set up to be shared via social media after posting.

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Choose from a variety of ways to display your site’s images, portfolio, galleries, etc. 

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From Contact Us to an information form you would like your visitors to fill out, we custom create your basic forms pages for you, so you get the information you need from your clients or future clients. 

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