Social Media

will spread the word, generate a buzz
and keep you current

Probably. And they are on the phone or the computer all day long anyway,
right? But would you leave your company’s social and business communication
to a nonprofessional? Neither would we, that is why we provide you with
the pros who understand the importance of a company’s image, services
and presence. BUTTER PAGES Social Media targets your market audience, creates a
strategy of growth with you and goes after potential clients like it’s nobody’s
business. Well, actually it’s yours.

• Social Media made simple •

How Can Social Media Help your Business?

Did you know that social media is like word of mouth marketing but online? The same amount of time you spend on networking in a traditional sense can be put to good use through social media. Make more connections and remain at the top of your clients’ minds through social media. It is the most cost effective way to market yourself as a business and is an extremely targeted way to find potential new business.


The services we provide are:

Social Media Setup
we setup all of your social media pages for you

Social Media Management
we post to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and Instagram (platforms depend on the plan you select).

Social Media Facebook Advertisements or Promotions
we include 2 promoted posts per month

Social Media Images
if needed, we include royalty free images for your social media posts